Professional Crisis Management (PCM)

What is PCM?

PCM training is a comprehensive, safe, and effective crisis management system designed for parents, school staff, and human service professionals to utilize with children, adolescents, and adults with special needs.  PCM was developed by Neil Fleisig, MS, CBA and is regulated by the Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA).  PCM has emerged out of over 20 years of experience in treating severely aggressive individuals in home, school, hospital, and residential settings.

PCM places an emphasis on prevention, de-escalation, intervention, and post crisis intervention strategies resulting in a decrease in the occurrence of crisis behavior.  Class sizes range from 4 to 10 participants.

Types of Certification

Recertification Requirements

Annual recertification is required for all levels of certification and is offered by Lifespan Behavior Services, LLC.

Course Cost

PCM Retraining is available for individuals who have failed the written and/or practical tests of any PCM class (Initial or Annual Re-certification courses). The Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA) determines if the person is eligible to be retrained.

Contact Us to Register for an Upcoming Training

Contact, Angelle Hillygus, Certified PCM Trainer, at

(352) 559-2539 ext. 101 or

Trainings are available at our clinic or can be scheduled at your location.

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